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The ATP Leaves the Aussies Way Down Under (While Making Kiefer #4)

Agassi Is Miles Above Everyone Else
  • Andre Agassi has had as much success (and has as many points) as the world's #2, #3, and #4 players combined
  • Pete Sampras, the only reigning Grand Slam winner besides Agassi, is comfortably #2 (his lead over #3 Kafelnikov is much narrower in the ATP rankings)
  • Philippoussis, Rafter, Pioline, and Todd Martin are all in the top-10, but none of them are in the ATP's top-10

Rewarding the accomplishments that fans and players care about most

The AndersonSports Ranking of Tennis Success

(through Feb. 7, 2000—includes 1st-round Davis Cup play)

    Points ATP
Noteworthy Accomplishments in the Past Year (appearances in Grand Slam quarterfinals and Super 9 finals are listed)
1 Andre Agassi, USA 139 1 5045 Australian Open Champion, U.S. Open Champion, French Open Champion, Wimbledon finalist, Paris Indoor (Super 9) winner, Singles Championships finalist, 2 Davis Cup match wins
2 Pete Sampras, USA 61 2 2869 Wimbledon Champion, Australian Open semifinalist, Cincinnati (Super 9) winner, Singles Championships winner
3 Yevgeny Kafelnikov, RUS  42 3 2841 Australian Open finalist, U.S. Open semifinalist, Montreal/Toronto (Super 9) finalist, 2 Davis Cup match wins
4 Gustavo Kuerten, BRA  36 5 2101 Monte Carlo (Super 9) winner, Rome (Super 9) winner, U.S. Open quarterfinalist, Wimbledon quarterfinalist, French Open quarterfinalist, 2 Davis Cup match wins
5 Mark Philippoussis, AUS  28 17 1304 3 Davis Cup match wins—including 2 wins in Davis Cup Finals, Indian Wells (Super 9) winner, Wimbledon quarterfinalist
6  (tie) Patrick Rafter, AUS 26 16 1323 Wimbledon semifinalist, Cincinnati (Super 9) finalist, Rome (Super 9) finalist, 2 Davis Cup match wins
  Cedric Pioline, FRA 26 15 1375 4 Davis Cup match wins, U.S. Open semifinalist, Wimbledon quarterfinalist
8 (tie) Todd Martin, USA 24 11 1596 U.S. Open finalist, Wimbledon quarterfinalist
  Marcelo Rios, CHI 24 7 1845 Hamburg (Super 9) winner, French Open quarterfinalist, Monte Carlo (Super 9) finalist
10 Magnus Norman, SWE  23 6 2083 Australian Open semifinalist
  Other ATP top-10 players:        
Nicolas Kiefer, GER  18 4 2325 Australian Open quarterfinalist
Richard Krajicek, NED 21 8 1690 Key Biscayne (Super 9) winner, U.S. Open quarterfinalist, Stuttgart Indoor (Super 9) finalist
Nicolas Lapentti, ECU 10 9 1641 none
Tim Henman, GBR 19 10 1614 Wimbledon semifinalist
*The ATP Entry System rankings (the ATP's 365-day ranking)

The AndersonSports Ranking of Tennis Success shows which men's tennis players have had the most success over the past 365 days.  This ranking is markedly different from the ATP rankings in the following ways: 
  • this ranking rewards success in the Grand Slams more than the ATP rankings do;
  • it rewards winning the Super 9s and the season-ending Singles Championships more than the ATP rankings do;
  • it only minimally rewards success in lesser tourneys (the ATP rankings emphasize these more);
  • it rewards success in Davis Cup play (the ATP rankings do not)
In comparison to the ATP rankings, the AndersonSports Ranking is refreshingly simple—and simplicity is a key to this ranking's accuracy.  Rather than throwing everything but the kitchen sink into the mix, the AndersonSports Ranking purely rewards players for advancing in tournaments—and the number of points that a player gets for advancing reflects the importance that players and fans attach to that event.

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