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Points Added is not points scored.  It is a new basketball statistic that shows each player's overall value to his team—in points. 

A New Basketball Statistic:  Points Added
Points Added shows how many points each player adds to his team's margin of victory (or defeat):
  • For example, if Gary Payton has 10 Points Added in a game that Seattle wins by 9, then without Payton's contributions, Seattle likely would have lost by 1 point instead.
  • Points Added incorporates every individual player statistic—those demonstrating points scored, offensive rebounds, defensive rebounds, assists, field-goal shooting, free-throw shooting, success in getting to the free-throw line, 3-point shooting, steals, turnovers, and blocks—all into one stat.
  • Points Added allows for accurate comparisons between guards and big men, scorers and passers, low-post scorers and perimeter scorers, etc.
  • Of course, Points Added is no different from any other basketball statistic in its inability to evaluate those intangible aspects of the game that cannot be measured statistically—such as much of defensive play, leadership, and performance in the clutch.  However, Points Added combines every major individual statistic and tells us something that was unknowable before:  statistically, the number of points that each player adds to his team's potential for victory.

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